Rey piña was born from the idea and intention of creating a different brand, for people who like to use clothing as another means of expression.

In August 2016, at the festivities in our city, Elche, we began to sell in a market in the middle of the street with some shops in the center. They were the first designs we took out for the brand.

We made the printing of the T-Shirts with a homemade machine; and we still had to find better t-shirt suppliers, but … we were already underway !!


The next event we attended was at a Christmas market in Elche, where we were for 20 days. Since we didn’t have a penny, we had to gather all the money from our own pockets to be able to be there.

As for the machine to make the t-shirts, it broke down at the worst moment, which was just before the Christmas event… A real failure!

Already in May 2017, in a much more decisive way, we realized that either we were investing in a more professional machine, or Rey Piña would remain a simple anecdote.

So we bought a new machine. From here, the story begins to change for the better.


We went from the end of June of that year until August 31 to a market on the beach in Santa Pola, with the new machine and with a better attitude, which we needed from time to time because it was a job from Monday to Sunday without stopping a day.

Thanks to that hard work, we were able to invest what we earn in the place where we are now and open our own store, where of course we had to make all the arrangements for ourselves and our family.


We made the inauguration on October 6, 2017. We were facing the public at last! And we started little by little to set up the store in our image and likeness.


As a result, we have been going to all the events that we have been able to, not only in Elche, as we have moved through Alicante in the “Design Market”, the “Palo Market Fest” and “Tapiner Market”, both in Valencia; and in Murcia we have collaborated with ICOM events

And those still to come!


We work every day to expand, improve and innovate in our range of products.

So with more ideas than ever and more eager than usual, we want to do new things.

Welcome to the brand, we hope you like everything and Thank you!

Rey Piña.

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